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Take part in forming Europe´s future energy strategy!
On October 21-22 a high level conference on the EU’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan will take place in Stockholm, Sweden. We invite you to take an active part in forming Europe’s future energy strategy.
The conference on the SET-plan is organized by The Swedish Energy Agency in collaboration with the European Commission. Its primary objective is to discuss how to further and realize the goals in the Strategic Energy Technology-plan. Another essential topic will be the financing of the plan. The Conference will of course also be an important networking event. 
The meeting will focus on the six important technologies and industrial initiatives that the SET-Plan promotes: wind power, solar energy, bio energy, carbon capture and storage (CCS), nuclear power and smart grids. These topics will be discussed and elaborated in six special sessions.
The invitees will represent European actors in the innovation system for energy technology – financial community, industry, researchers, customers and public policy makers, as well as representatives from the European institutions and international partners.
Welcome to Stockholm in October.

Best regards from the Swedish Energy Agency

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